The JM-110B is designed specifically for the Keyboard.

The maximum gain adjustment  is around 20dB to allow for older lower level instruments to newer higher level types, and player dynamic differences. 

With only a 20dB variation and with very high quality pots, the JM-110B allows for getting left/right channels within 1 dB or less of each other.

The maximum input level is +20dB, (1/4” TS connector).

The JM-110B runs off +-24V supply for high headroom, max output +34.5dB.

Output is Transformer Balanced, Iron core.

All internal wiring is point to point for superior connections and

High reliability and is also less affected by vibration, a very solid and robust connection.

The small size of the enclosure (6.25” By 3.1” by 8.5” deep) makes it perfect for on the floor under the Keyboard use, allowing for short 1/4” cables from Keyboard Output to Preamp Inputs.

The enclosure used is VERY strong, in case someone stands on it..

The unit contains a ground lift switch if a ground loop issue is present.

The JM-110B is powered by a remote power supply (JM-P130), Low voltage DC cables can be run across floor next to audio cables with NO interference issues. 

The JM-110B is a refined version of the JM-110 DI pre.

Price: $945.00


Dear Mike,

My new JMK Audio JM-110B DI Pre Amp is fantastic! Now I can finally stop looking for the perfect hi-fi sound for my Nord Grand. It completely blows away my old ZED-10FX. It also sounds markedly better than my old Radial JDI Duplex and a friend’s Radial KL-8 mixer (different beasts, I know, but still… ) The sound is clear, detailed, and just warm enough to “de-digitalize” it. It flatters my Nord, as well as my friend’s Yamaha YC88. The sound is very high quality, detailed, and focused. Thanks!

Mark Beasley

The preamp always sounded great. It warmed up the digital piano sound live and always enhanced the tone in the studio — richer, more in your face and hi-fi sounding..

Dave Ferris

JM-P130 Power Supply

The JM-P130 has been refined and upgraded to help even further from being as immune as

Possible from any noise, ticks, pops, spikes & surges on the AC Line as we can..

Components are over sized from 5 to 12 times normal, to allow for surges & spikes with no damage.

So the DC  power is very clean and stable.

We oversized ground wires & ground bus to have a very low impedance.

We also incorporate several techniques  we have not seen on any other power supply..

The traces on the PCB are extremely low impedance..

We also recommend a isolated AC circuit with very good quality AC outlets for all audio gear.

There is more noise on the AC line today than ever.