In addition to custom hand built Pro Audio gear, JMK Audio also specializes in control room design, and the building and installation of patch bays, mic panels and custom built cables. Acoustical Designs, Drawings and Consulting is also available.

U.A.B. Dept of Music Installs new Avid Fusion Console:

New AVID Fusion System 5 Console Installed:
JMK Audio Installed and Wired Large 48 Input/Output Avid console.
JMK Audio performed the following:

Configured all new patch bay wiring: from AVID console to all new and existing outboard equipment including the type of grounding scheme to be used for the lowest noise and hum free audio path, also includes the type of cable needed, connector type, location of the equipment, length of the cable and then labeling each cable accordingly.

This is time consuming but is a requirement to know exactly where every piece of gear is located on the patch bays. Everything must be documented. Since this was a studio wired Previously by JMK Audio about 15 years earlier we simply referred to our old documentation on file to know what was needed to be changed and or added, saving many hours of tracing cables.

Many underestimate how important this time consuming detail is. It is not uncommon for JMK Audio to spend 2 to 3 full days on a large install such as this configuring all aspects of the wiring detail, reducing the need for changes/corrections after the wire has been cut and the connectors are soldered.

Wired 48 Analog Inputs/Outputs using Gold Switchcraft connectors.
Wired all Elco connectors from Main frame to AVID 713 interface.
Wired Several 90 Pin Elco to XLR’s feeding Monitor outs, External inputs ect.

The rear panel of the MC524 is packed with 90 Pin Elco, Dsub’s & Digital I/O connectors, packed to the point that some Elco had to be modified to fit so close together, But we did it..

Calibrated surround speakers, calibrated -10 to +4 Bump boxes. Installed Sorbothane Pads under all Monitor speakers to decouple from stands. Added new ¼” Long frame patch bay for all new and existing Mic Input panels to outboard Mic Pres for the ultimate flexibility between main Studio and Control Room.

Checked AC current draw of all New equipment (Console, Main computer rack, I/O Interfaces) to make sure no AC circuits in Control Room were overloaded, and were balanced out between existing AC circuits, something most Technicians neglect to do, and my not even consider to be an issue. A circuit breaker Tripping in the middle of a BIG session for some unknown reason is NOT a good thing…

Several new custom panels which included Analog and Digital I/O, designed and built by JMK Audio. Like most installs not everything works perfectly out of the gate, some troubleshooting had to be performed.. All is well now…

Wired exclusively with Mogami Cable and Gold Switchcraft connectors for Superior a connection and long term maintenance free termination.

From our 35+ years experience JMK Audio has seen many failures and Intermittent problems from silver contacts that oxidize in a short period of time. Considering the fact that more high end audio equipment manufactures are installing Gold connectors for this same reason. Gold to Gold is the best maintenance free connection we know of.

This ended up being a very large install, requiring many many hours of wiring and installing many feet of cable, but resulted in a clean and quiet recording environment. We are satisfied, hopefully the client is too.

Pictures to follow.

Very special thanks to the following:

  • Advanced Computer Engraving, Birmingham, AL - for their fast service and much needed help in the Laser engraving of the Custom panels designed and built by JMK Audio.
  • Michael Swann, Birmingham, AL - For his much appreciated help and fast service in The new patch bay labels, Thanks Michael for your brains, talent and HUGE printer. The different color sections make finding gear on the bays FAR easier and LOOK GREAT.

Syncromesh Studios in Birmingham:

New UTA console installed, UTA Unfairchild Tube Compressor, New Bays, Mic panels, JM-530 Mic Pres, Custom Speaker wire System for Re-Amping

and other cool stuff...More details to follow.

March 2010 - New Control Room In Memphis, TN
Designed and Wired by JMK Audio, including custom bass traps and custom ceiling cloud.

Other Door Studio (Birmingham)

JMK Audio performed the following design functions: Acoustical: wall, ceiling and window design for Isolation parameters in all new rooms.

•  HVAC: duct sizing, vent type and method of entering rooms.
•  Acoustical treatment; absorption panels, bass traps and custom Polycylindrical Bass trap/diffusor in control room
•  Electrical:  Balanced A.C. power with a dedicated subpanel for all Tech power circuits.
•  Audio Wiring: mic panels, patch bays.

The result being very quiet and natural sounding rooms.

Other recent projects inlcude:

  • Virginia College
  • O2Ideas
  • American College, Cairo Egypt
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • New Studio in Memphis under construction
Other Door Studio
Other Door Studio