JM-120: 500 Series Direct Instrument Pre-amp

Dual Hi-Z input DI Pre Amp, One common Output.
Transformer Balanced Out:  Jensen Transformer            
The Guitar input is specifically designed for Guitar; the input impedance, gain structure and bandwidth are optimum for guitar producing a very clean and quiet signal that is excellent for a DI track and/or for Re-amping.

The Bass/Keyboard input is designed for the higher output of a Bass Guitar or Keyboard and optimized for Bass Guitar.

The JM-120 meets the VPR requirements.
Current draw:  Less than 25 mA

  • JM-120: 500 Series Direct Instrument Pre-amp
  • Price:   $345.00
  •   S/H:     $29.50
  • Total:   $374.50

Comments on the JM-120:

"I've played my Modulus Quantum Bass in a lot of rooms through a lot of equipment, but have never been this satisfied with the sound. The clarity and warmth of the JM-120 is there in every pitch and really brought the bass to life!  Thanks and keep up the good work!" Adam Holton, Memphis