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"I love it! Very sonically invisible for a compressor as far as the freq response... As far as the compressor part, very natural and musical... I would say it's like a DBX160 that is modern and hifi and very quiet. I know it's not easy to do a one knob compressor (aka, no attack/release) and please people, but I can say yours does!" Peter Moshay

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The JM-115C is a Transformer coupled In/Out VCA based compressor using true RMS detecting similar to the DBX 160VU. Compression ratio starts at a very low 1.25:1, for a very small amount of compression, preventing clipping the recorder input but not over compressing .

Like the 160VU the JM-115C is very easy to set up, simply start at a low ratio, set the threshold around +4 to +10dB and output where needed to get the level to tape you need.!

The JM-115C has a very short and direct signal path allowing for very low distortion and very low noise, it’s a very clean transparent compressor. It does not pad the input (reduce level) before compression, allowing maximum dynamic range from your mic pres ect.

Available in either the 500 Series module or the stand alone that will run off the same supply as the JM-130 mic pre.. Each JM-115C is hand wired and tested.

"The JM 115C is one of the very best compressors I've ever used. It helps control the level of the source without changing the sound. Even at more severe compression the sound is the same, very smooth and natural. I really like it on vocals, sounds good on acoustic and electric guitars as well. Now I need a rack full of them!" Johnny Sandlin

  • JM-115C Compressor
  • Price:   $650.00
  •   S/H:     $14.50
  • Total:   $664.50
  • JM-115C 500 Series
  • Price:   $585.00
  •   S/H:     $14.50
  • Total:   $599.50