The JM-110 Pre-amp is a -10 unbalanced to +4dbm out pre amp for guitar, bass or keyboards. Any unbalanced output that needs to be bumped up to +4 line level.

The JM-110 is based on the 2520/990 footprint op amp to make it easy to change op amps for different uses or sounds. Its transformer output gives it a nice warm sound. 

The JM-110 comes only as a 2 channel unit. It’s not a rack mounted unit for a reason, you can place the unit on the floor or table top to be close to the player, or on a rack shelf. The JM-110 power connector uses the same pin out as the JM-130 Mic pre, so another power supply is not needed if you already own the JM-130. 

The Supply is still +- 24 volt so some op amps will not like the higher voltage.