JM-410 Re-Amping Box
w/Jensen Transformer

The JM-410 is used for reducing your +4 Balanced output from your console, Tape machine, DI Pre amp ect down to a -10dB and lower (-30dB typical for most passive gtr’s)  for convenient Re-Amping of guitar and bass amps, so you are able to Re-Track guitars, bass, vocals, drums ect whatever you need to put through an amplifier and speaker to "get some air" or use that classic amp that was NOT available during main tracking, or to have two or more Gtr amp tracks for a thicker sound.

This process (Re-Amping) allows for many different sounds to be available for mixing, to thicken up a guitar or bass DI track. Another reason for Re-Amping later is limited isolation booths during main tracking, so you cut a DI Track now and later after all musicians are gone you can take that DI track and via Re-Amping can try several different amps and mic’s to get that sound you want…

Re-Amping normally results in a far quieter signal from most amps..
I have used the JM-410 WHILE tracking the main band for the above reason; the amps were far quieter..This may sound strange at first, but it does make a noticeable difference..

For example: what if the Guitar player prefers to be in the Control Room during main tracking or during overdubs so he can hear his rig thru the main speakers WHILE tracking, his pedal board is in the control room with him, I then bump the output of his Pedal board (-30dB Unbalanced) to a Balanced +4dB level (DI Pre ect), I then run THAT signal back into a Iso booth, which is the LONG audio cable run, The JM-410 is only a few feet from his Gtr amp resulting in a very quiet amp set up.. His whole rig is still exactly the same…

So what did we change? Instead of using the -30dB unbalanced output from his Pedal board driving that long cable run to the Isolation booth, we instead ran his output into a DI pre ect for a +4dB Balanced output signal to drive that LONG cable run.. This method allows for isolating chassis grounds, the main cause of hum and buzz.

Is this overkill? That depends on what results you’re after and other variables that are beyond your control, such as AC grounding problems and different types of electrical interference that can be very strong, resulting in hum and buzz from the amps.

JM-410 Specs: Jensen JT-10KB Transformer for over +22dB input level capability @ 30Hz. Best connectors: Gold Switchcraft XLR. Die cast enclosure (Box). Complete Isolation of signals, for a clean, quiet and hum/buzz free signal.  Nothing isolates grounds like a Good transformer.
For maximum input level capability the JT-6110K Transformer can be substituted, add $30.00.

  • JM-410 Re-Amping
  • Price:   $179.00
  •   S/H:     $14.50
  • Total:   $193.50